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Traditional 8 Yard Hand Sewn Braeriach Medium Weight (13 oz) Wool Kilt


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Here are the descriptions for the measurements:
Waist Measurement:
Measure a tight measurement around your navel (typically two inches above your hip bone).  Stand straight and relaxed when taking this measurement. Also, do not hold your breath when the measurement is taken.
Seat Measurement:
The seat measurement is a loose measurement that is taken at the widest part of your bottom.  Insert two fingers inside the measuring tape when taking the measurements to ensure that the measurement is not too tight.
Length Measurement:
Stand straight with your feet comfortably apart with your head up and facing forward.  Then measure from the top of your hip bone to the middle of you kneecap.
A complete height measurement is used to verify that the length measurement of the kilt is correct.  Remove your shoes and stand against a wall on a hard surface facing forward. Measure from the bottom of your heel to the top of your head.